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Infrastructure Support Services

Bechtel Jacobs Closure Project Technical Support Services Project Description
Contract Number: 23900-BA-EH452
Contract Type:
Period of Performance: September 2004 to present (follow-on to a previously awarded contract)
Contract Value:

Functional QA Oversight Support:

SLIND holds the QA functional support contract. In this capacity SLIND is responsible for staffing all aspects of the BJC independent oversight program. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Independent Assessments which are any assessments performed for a Project or Functional organization. Independent assessments include: Operational Readiness Reviews, Readiness Assessments, Document Safety Analysis Implementation Validation Reviews, Senior Management Independent Reviews, Subject Matter Area and Implementation Reviews, Effectiveness Reviews, Extent of Continuation Reviews, and Event Review Teams
  • Management Assessments which focus on both work performance and program implementation within the Projects and the effectiveness of programs managed by functional organization in meeting contractual and regulator requirements. Management assessments include: Management Directed Assessments, ES&H and Nuclear Facility Safety Assessments, SME /Technical Expert Assessments, Subcontractor Oversight, QE Reviews and Surveillances, Worker Assessments and Oversight, and Trend Analysis
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