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Outreach, Education and Training

DOE, Environmental Management,Oak Ridge Operations (East Tennessee Technology Park, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Y-12) Training Program Support
Contract Number: Contract Number: DE-AT05-02OR22893, DE-AT05-07OR2383, AD05-00OR2203
Contract Type: Fixed Price Time and Materials
Contract Dollar Value: $9,096,504.00
Period of Performance: 07/1999 through 08/2011

The DOE, Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR), Environmental Management, Facility Representative Program is the regulatory arm of the federal government providing oversight of the prime contractors and their subcontractors in completing their contractual obligations for the Characterization, D&D, clean-up, and treatment of Manhattan Project Era legacy facilities, burial grounds, waste storage areas, and waste processing facilities. Many of these buildings are in a state of severe dilapidation and if not responsibly dealt with could pose a threat to workers, collocated workers, environment and ultimately the public. The Facility Representatives (FRs) role is to monitor all activities under their assigned responsibility, evaluate their performance, and report to management what they have observed. In order to adequately observe and evaluate the contractors performing the work, the FRs must be equipped with the proper past experience, education, and training knowledge, skills, and abilities to understand what they observe and evaluate those observations against contractually established laws (Federal, State, and Local), Regulations/Standards (NFPA, ANSI, ASME, CFR), DOE directives (Orders, Standards, Guides, Manuals, and Handbooks), and various Environmental Acts & Laws. The FRs were required to qualify and maintain qualifications as described in DOE-STD-1063. The remaining DOE oversight work force is comprised of Safety Systems Oversight (SSO), Senior Technical Safety Manager (STSM), Subject Matter Expert (SME), and Program/Project Managers all having a role to play in the management and oversight of the prime and subcontract work force at the ORR. Street Legal employees provided over ten years of support to the DOE FRs Safety Systems Oversight (SSO), Senior Technical Safety Managers (STSM) and Subject Matter Experts (SME), and Program/Project Managers in the development, delivery, and ongoing maintenance of their safety oversight qualifications. In addition to training and qualification support, Street Legal employees provided DOE with expert support in incident investigations, issues management, occupational safety and health, records management environmental protection, and project management. Under the DOE ORO EM contract, Our Team provided direct continuous support to the DOE through several competitive GSA MOBIS awards. Our contract(s) with DOE ORO mandated the provision of complete support of SMEs in the areas of DOE personnel mentoring, training development, training delivery, and program management to include the following:

  • Industrial Safety (OSHA) CFR-1910
  • Construction Safety (OSHA) CFR-1926
  • Electrical Safety
  • Ergonomics
  • Fire Protection
  • Walking and Working Surfaces
  • 24- & 40-Hour Hazwoper Training
  • Nuclear and Radiological Safety
  • 8-Hour Hazwoper Refresher Training
  • PAAA Compliance
  • Integrated Safety Management
  • Various Forms of Casual Analysis
  • Environmental Regulations
  •  Technical Writing
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Reports
  • Tracking and Trending of Issues
  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • Environmental Management
  • Project Management
  • Development of Program Procedures
  • Facility Inspections and Assessments
  • Mixed Hazardous Waste Management
  • Vital Safety Systems Review
  • Records Management
  • Fissile Material Management 
  • Facility and Project Walkdowns
  • FTE Resource Loading
  • Conduct of Maintenance
  • Applied Engineering Fundamentals
  • Technical Safety Requirements
  • Documented Safety Analysis
  • Various Soft Skills Training Courses

Street Legal was responsible for the training and qualification of up to 40 individuals in the pursuit and maintenance of their soft skills training, initial qualifications, facility specific qualifications, on-the-job training, written examinations, oral boards, and continuing training requirements. Our personnel utilized a combination of classroom, seminar, boot camp, one-on-one, and small-group sessions to accomplish this training. We provided most of the subject matter experts, used DOE subject matter, and arranged for vendors to provide training, when needed. In all cases, we were responsible for the quality, provided on-time services, and remained within budget execution of activities.

SLIND provides the necessary and just-in-time professional support to the DOE Oak Ridge Operations (ORO) EM Facility Representative (FacRep) Training and Qualification Program. The FacRep organization provides the primary means of oversight for all EM Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D) programs, Complex Processes, and Operating Facilities on the Reservation. In keeping with specific DOE Orders, Manuals, and Standards, as well as ORO Directives, EM procedures and Defense Nuclear Facility Safety Board recommendations, these essential oversight personnel must maintain a qualification and training process and management program conducive to safe and reliable oversight of a dynamic EM operation.

Each of the SLIND professionals provided in support of this mission are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for their discipline and maintain the technical and interpersonal skills necessary to support the dynamic and high risk activities related to oversight of the Bechtel Jacobs Company, LLC. (BJC) closure of the Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR) legacy facilities.

Specific to the ORO EM FacRep support efforts, SLIND has developed study guides and lesson plans, conducted mentoring sessions and prepared qualification packages. Disciplines supported under this contract include:

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DOT, FMCSA – Outreach, Education and Training Support
Contract Number: DTRT5709-D-3002/DTRTV-T9001 CASE 112508-EIRC-TRACX,
MacroSys T9001EIRO1 and DJU4500357131
Contract Type: Fixed Price
Contract Dollar Value: $969,143.00
Period of Performance: 11/01/2008 thru 09/30/2013

Through these series of contracts to DOT FMCSA Street Legal provided the program's Safety Outreach and Training requirements.

Education and Outreach:
Street Legal provided education and outreach support for FMCSA programs. This included market research and analysis, design and development of outreach campaigns, outreach materials and media, and the dissemination of messaging and media. Street Legal also elicited and managed support, as needed from outside sources, to accomplish FMCSA assignments. Street Legal worked directly FMCSA Staff to establish goals, schedules and content to support the outreach campaign.

The following are some examples of those activities:

  • Driver Seat Belt Initiatives
  • Multi-Language Versions of Safety Announcements
  • School Bus Outreach
  • Image/Video Library
  • Household Goods
  • Faith-Based Organization Outreach
  • FMCSA Logo and Exhibit Booth Design/Production.
  • Motor Coach Operator Fatigue Safety Video
  • FMCSA eReqs Poster
  • Emergency Contact Cards
  • FMCSA Marketing Materials
  • Seatbelt Safety Artwork Contest
  • Social Marketing/Media
  • EOBR Outreach & Education
  • Analysis, Research & Technology Outreach & Education

Instructional System Design and Development:
Street Legal provides program management and training, program development and delivery in support of DOT FMCSA's CSA 2010 Comprehensive Safety Analysis initiative. Specifically, the following services were provided: 1) Program planning and management, 2) Information technology identification and dissemination; 3) Interventions Team support; 4) Operational training model test and design for Federal and State Working Groups; 5) Planning and analysis for Crash Accountability Team; and 6) Training analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation services for FMCSA, State Managers and Safety Investigators. Some of the detailed worked included, but is not limited to:

  • Developed and delivered Operational Model Test training for DOT’s FMCSA CSA2010 initiative. Course was conducted for four test States implementing the new BASIC investigation concept. Developed a new investigative approach, the Safety Management Cycle. This new approach changes the focus of the investigation from an identification of violation of Regulations to a root cause analysis to determine what has broken down in the business processes and how to correct it.
  • Developed instructor qualification process for 28 instructors to deliver the national rollout of the CSA 2010 program.
  • Instructors were required to teach a course, which included a new investigative model to the entire field investigative staff. Development included direct coaching, observation, mentoring, classroom and distance learning.
  • Managed training development teams to create Special Agent Qualification programs for DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Program consisted of development and delivery of initial 8 week academy addressing fundamental knowledge and skill development, field safety, ethics, and employee responsibilities and a formal one-year field coaching component for new hires. Incumbent training included two-week course on investigation and regulatory compliance assessment.
  • Delivered classroom-based and one-on-one instructor development training, and coached and mentored Staff Instructors.
  • Served as the ISD Training Manager for the DOT FMCSA National Training Center.
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