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Worker Safety and Related Services

DOE Bechtel Jacobs LLC/UCOR, Occupational Safety and Health Support Services
Contract Number: 23900-BA-EH491 (Current Contract), 23900-BA-EH452 (Initial contract)
Contract Type: Time and Materials
Period of Performance: 07/2004 through Present
Contract Value:

  • Provided support within classified (secure) environments
  • Managed “Official Use Only” and Classified information
  • Staffed and managed not less than 100 safety and health professionals providing program direction and oversight of client operations
  • Baseline and on-going job hazard analyses of work areas, work processes, emerging technologies, and new workplaces to address any OSH hazards.
  • Evaluated changes in regulations and developed implementing procedures and practices
  • Developed compliance policies
  • Developed outreach materials (e.g., Newsletters)
  • Multiple site and Stakeholder involvement
  • Specialized studies and assessments of ergonomic, industrial hygiene, health physics, and other OSH issues
  • Performed scheduled and unscheduled safety and health inspections of all workplaces to identify potential hazards and implement corrective actions, in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • New and existing technology and equipment reviews, tests, and analyses for potential radiation, chemical or biological health hazard exposure to employees; and technical guidance development and communication to minimize, if not remove, risk of exposure to employees.
  • Investigate and track corrective actions resulting from employee notices of unsafe or unhealthy working conditions, formal and informal safety inspections, baseline and on-going job hazard analysis, special assessments, OSHA notices of complaint, and OSHA inspections of workplaces, and communicate abatement actions to appropriate authorities for closure purposes.
  • Investigate and track corrective actions resulting from employee injuries, illnesses, and damage to motor vehicles, equipment, or facilities, and identify causal/contributory factors to prevent future occurrences.
  • Document, manage, analyze, and communicate OSH activities in a provided electronic system of record including job hazard analyses, formal annual inspections, specialized studies or assessments, OSHA compliance audits, injuries, illnesses, damage to property, equipment, or facilities; abatement strategies, and corrective actions.
  • Extensive travel and travel management
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DOE Facility Representative Support Services
Contract Number: Contract Number: DE-AT05-02OR22893, DE-AT05-07OR2383,
Contract Type: Fixed Price Time and Materials
Period of Performance: 07/1999 through 08/2011
Contract Value:

Street Legal employees provided over ten years of support to the DOE Facility Representatives (FR) Program and subsequent Safety Systems Oversight (SSO),Senior Technical Safety Manager (STSM) and Subject Matter Expert (SME) Programs. Under the DOE ORO EM contract, Street Legal provided direct and continuous support to the DOE. Our contract(s) with DOE ORO EM Facility Representative group mandated the provision of complete support in the areas of DOE personnel mentoring, training development, training delivery, program management to include:

  • Applied Engineering Fundamentals
  • Nuclear Criticality Safety
  • Integrated Safety Management
  • PAAA Compliance
  • Industrial and Construction Safety (OSHA)
  • Mixed Hazardous Waste Management
  • Fissile Material Management
  • Various Forms of Casual Analysis
  • Conduct of Operations
  • Conduct of Maintenance
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Development of Program Procedures
  • Facility Inspections and Assessment
  • Facility and Project Walkdowns
  • Records Management
  • Environmental Management
  •  Federal and State Laws and Regulations

Street Legal was responsible for the training and qualification of between 16 and 30 individuals in the pursuit and maintenance of their soft skills training, initial qualifications, facility specific qualifications, on-the-job training, written examinations, oral boards, and continuing training requirements. Our program withstood at least 10 audits by various groups with no significant findings identified. We received excellent performance evaluations from both the individuals we supported and their management.

* Street Legal is currently supplying the United States Army Corps of Engineers with training on the topics of Project and Risk Management. In addition, we have recently been awarded a 5-year contract with the Sandia National Laboratory to provide technical training support, as needed, on various technical scopes of work and projects.

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