Quality Assurance

Street Legal endeavors to ensure quality workmanship is provided for each task performed. The owners continually visit and query customers as to the company’s performance, employee responsiveness & quality management. Quality deficiencies are documented, accountability identified, process re-engineering instituted when necessary, and customers promptly notified of corrective actions taken. Street Legal uses a specific ISO 9001-2000 compliant process as well as an established NQA-1 program to ensure quality control management is bid into and utilized throughout the cradle-to-grave task order process. The following actions are taken to ensure that the Street Legal Quality Assurance process is responsive and accountable with clearly defined responsibility: 

The task order RFP/RFQs scope of work is thoroughly analyzed to identify specific quality control requirements such as customer (NAVSEA, NAVAIR, etc.) required personnel certifications; skill levels; milestones; deliverable timeframes; availability of personnel; special tools, test equipment, or facilities required; MILSPEC or commercial equivalent requirements; material specifics and availabilities; and customer quality guidelines; etc. 

When all specific quality requirements are identified and management confident that all customer documented quality standards can be achieved in the timeframes desired and to the level required, the task order is bid. The same process applies to the review of subcontractor managed task orders.

In addition to monthly In-Process Reviews (IPRs) of the financial and operational status of each task order, quality control progress is reviewed in depth and corrective action taken and documented. 

Customers are a very critical asset in the Street Legal Quality Control process. All customers are invited to task order IPRs and provided corrective action documentation. 

Customer correspondence concerning quality and task accomplishment is answered within two business days. When extenuating circumstances require more time to accurately address challenges, interim responses are provided. PMs will telephonically update the Contracting Officer’s designated Technical Representative whenever challenges dictate.

Street Legal Quality processes are documented, institutionalized and each PM held accountable for ensuring the highest level of implementation possible. All processes are adaptable and standardized, with site/program revisions as necessary, across all programs, projects and work sites. 

The Vice-President of Operatios of Street Legal, Pat Bisese, is the corporate Director of Quality Control